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Half Moon

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SYNOPSIS: Lucy Hernandez has not been a normal teenager since she discovered the meaning of her birthmark shaped as a half moon. She can travel through the eras, and together with her Time Traveling instructor, Mr. Harris, she has to do her best to maintain the past the way it is supposed to be — the way it has always been. But when a young Time Traveler knight plans to change a previous time in his own benefit, preventing his older brother from being born, Lucy and Mr. Harris will face a lot of trouble. She’ll have to be braver than ever, especially because she just happened to find out she fell for the victim… and there is no way to be in love with a guy from the Crusades and not mess with Time.

Half Moon is the first book of the Time Traveler Trilogy. A story that mix a funny contemporary protagonist, teenage troubles, a sudden first love that goes against any conventions, and amusing situations involving traveling around the eras.

Language: English
Year: 2013
Format: Ebook (e-pub)



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1) Never change the past.

2) Never travel to the past for frivolous reasons. Always have a good reason.

3) This good reason must be, preferably, an unaware traveler from the past.

4) Do not travel without your master, even if he is an aged man who does not have flexibility in his joints to run from the ones who shouldn’t see you, or fight against the Travelers who won’t listen to you.

5) Do not tell anyone about your power, unless you are willing to be put in some psychiatric hospital (this has already happened, rumors say).

6) Don’t tell people from the past where you came from, unless you’re willing to be mocked by people wearing weird costumes.

7) Be cautious not to get killed. If this happens, instead of getting a tombstone, all you’re going to get is a picture of yours in the Sunday newspaper near other missing people.

8) Disguise yourself. Always. That includes – if you’re a woman – doing some heavy training during periods where you’re not wearing corsets, to increase your lung capacity.

9) Never walk around with polished nails, piercings, exotic makeup and glasses. If you currently use any of those things, prepare to get back to your natural self.

10) The most important rule: never (heard it? NEVER!) fall in love with a guy from another age. Unless you want to find yourself in a lot of trouble.”




“Begging for more. I could NOT put it down. It is great for teens and adults. Best book I have read so far. Everyone would want Liam for their own night in shining amour.” — Sara Grace Peglow, on Half Moon page at Amazon.

“Half Moon is a light and funny story about a girl who can travel through time. A well-written book, with lovable characters and an interesting plot. It is the first book of a trilogy, but the story is self contained, which means it has an end. A good leisure book, I recommend it.” — Artur Caliendo, on Half Moon page at Amazon.

This story is very well written and the plot flows smoothly and has a lot of action. The characters are well developed and interesting. Lucy is such a typical teen. She doesn’t want this time traveling power or responsibility but she goes on missions because she knows they’re important. She is also very protective of the people she cares about. Liam is the perfect knight – protective, chivalrous, and strong. — Katherine P. on Half Moon page at Amazon.

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