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Besides writing, I also like to express my ideas and my creativity through other forms of art, like drawing and photography.

I like to photograph places (landscapes, cities), but I also like to photograph people. And besides being the person with the camera, I enjoy being the model too, usually in creative contexts, and especially in the fantasy genre. If I am the subject of the photo, I leave someone else responsible for handling the camera when I can’t place it on the ground or on a tripod. Besides, in someone else’s hands it is possible to capture better angles. So I adjust the camera settings, I leave everything ready, and I give the instructions to my assistant. An important part of the process to obtain the desired final result is the edition, which I make according to the ideas and the sensations I want to transmit.

I’m starting a project that consists in photographing myself dressed like the protagonists of my novels. I also have some other projects with medieval theme — and fantasy in general. As soon as I conclude those works, I will post them here.

If you are looking for a specific photo for a book cover, for example, you can contact me as maybe I can make that image. If you are interested in doing a photoshoot with me, use the page contact for more information. If you like the covers of my novels and are looking for a designer, you can check out a graphic design portfolio HERE.

Below are the links to my photography works. Click on the images or on the titles to see the galleries. You can also find them on the menu to the left.








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