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The Dark Side of the Sea

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SYNOPSIS: Agnes is a poor girl from Rasminn who weaves and sells her products in the city to support herself and her sick mother. When she can’t get enough money to buy the potion that could keep her mother alive, Agnes decides to become a thief like many in the village. Her first theft, however, brings more misfortunes than she expected. Her search for love and fortune become, then, two curses that will change even her human nature.


“Damn fish. This was the most pleasant thing I could say about that inappropriate payment — the only one I had obtained in the day. With tears of distaste and affliction running down my face, carrying that stupid stinking basket, the cloth I hadn’t sold pending on my shoulder, I walked to what was my last hope.

I arrived at the Exchange House just a few seconds before it closed, Marcel, the assistant of Mr. Montan, holding the door so I could be the last person to walk in. I let the heavy basket land on the counter, trying to breath, all the holes in my face full of water from the weeping I couldn’t control. Mr. Montan put back in the basket some of the fish that jumped out in my not very delicate arrival, and he wrinkled his nose.

“How much can you give me for this?” I didn’t waste time.

He scratched his round chin as if he was thinking, but Mr. Montan was the kind of person that always had all the calculations very well solved. “Hmm… I’m afraid no more than five kutles.”

“FIVE KUTLES?” I moved away from the counter and put my hands on my forehead. “Please, Mr. Montan, you have to give me more than this…”

“Are you okay?” asked Marcel, and I couldn’t stand it. I collapsed on the waiting chair. Of course I was not okay.”


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Copyright © Paula Ottoni, 2017.