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The Author

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Paula Ottoni was born in 1992, in Brazil, and graduated in Graphic Design at University of Brasilia, having also studied Arts at California State University – Northridge. Voracious reader, she started to write fiction early in life. At thirteen she finished her first novel, and thirteen others came after that one, most of them never seen by the public. In July 2010, she had one of her short stories (Love Project) published in the Capricho magazine and read by Meg Cabot for winning a fiction contest. In 2011 and 2012, she independently released two books in Portuguese (A Princess in My Shoes and The Destined). In August 2016, her latest YA novel, The Letters of Love (As Letras do Amor, in Portuguese) was released by Novo Conceito, one of the biggest publishing houses in Brazil. Like Bianca Marino, the protagonist of the story, Paula also has Italian citizenship. She lives in Denmark now with her husband and daughter, and is a Master’s student of Games.

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Paula Ottoni started as an indie author. She then managed to get a distributor in Brazil for her first printed book and got a company license to sell it and negotiate with the bookstores. The Destined, printed version, was then available for purchase in big bookstore chains like Saraiva, Cultura and Fnac, mostly online.

In 2013, Paula decided to venture in the e-book market, making some of her works available for purchase on Amazon for Kindle. Her talent and her efforts called the attention of the publishers. In 2016, she signed with Novo Conceito, a major publishing house in Brazil that has the rights for Portuguese language of works by writers such as Cecelia Ahern, Nicola Yoon, Bella Andre, Emily Griffin, Gayle Forman, among others. Now Paula’s latest novel (As Letras do Amor) is available in all the big bookstores of the country and she is considered one of the revelations of the year in the YA genre.

You can see her published novels on page BOOKS, the mentioned short stories and some other ones on page SHORT STORIES, and you can follow the BLOG for news!


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“Paula has all the potential to get many readers.” — Leandro de Lira, from the blog “Palavras ao Vento”


“I had never read anything by Paula Ottoni, but after reading ‘The Destined’ (‘A Destinada’) I can say she is already in my list of favorite authors, as well as this novel is in my list of favorite books.” — Jessica Fernandes, from the blog “Lendo e Comentando”


“I first had contact with Paula Ottoni’s works by reading ‘A Princess in My Shoes’ (‘Uma Princesa em Meu Lugar’) and I had already admired her narrative. With ‘The Destined’ (‘A Destinada’) I can say that my admiration grew. The author clearly knows how to use words. The reading reflects a writing done in a comfortable way by someone who has the ability to write.” — Aione Simões, from the blog “Minha Vida Literária”



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