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Love Project

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There I was, knocking on Eric’s door, my cheeks red and hot like pepper. I didn’t want him to think I was taking science project as an excuse to see him. After all, you know, it was because of the science project I was standing uncomfortably in front of his house. It had nothing to do with the fact that I was into him and he was very hot. It had more to do with the fact that he had a privileged scientific intelligence. I guess.

The worst is: it would probably seem like an excuse, as my explanations for not having a finished project the day before the presentation would sound a bit lame. But what can I do if people don’t believe it when we say our dog ate our homework? It is completely possible! Especially when you have a ravenous dog like Max, which confuses a network of wires with some delicious colored pasta.

Eric invited me in. Embarrassed, I walked with him to the basement, where the gadgets created by him and his father were kept. Eric’s father is an inventor – yeah, those crazy ones, but sometimes he happens to create useful things. His son ended up joining the craziness. Of course Eric was the right person to help me, since my only idea was now chewed and faint at the dump.

“Look, I have some stuff here. I can tell you what they are and what they do, and you can take one of them to school tomorrow,” he said, helpfully. My eyes shone with excitement.

“Ah, it would be great!”

He walked between the piles of curious objects until he stopped in front of a contraption I recognized as a football helmet, fitted with springs, wires and other strange objects.

“This is the ASSIMILATOR-OF-THOUGHTS-ULTRA-SENIOR-3000,” Eric announced pompously. “With it, I can guess your thoughts.”

I started laughing, wondering if he was joking or if the time he’d spent in that place had affected his brain.

“Really?” I said ironically with a smile, seeing the gamesome look in his eyes, realizing he was trying to make me laugh.

“Oh yeah. But I don’t need an ASSIMILATOR-OF-THOUGHTS-ULTRA-SENIOR-3000 to guess what you’re thinking now.”

He came closer and I kind of froze. He stared at me with his disturbingly beautiful green eyes. My heart leapt out of control in my chest.

“And what am I thinking now?” He would be not only a genius, but also a clairvoyant, if he had said then, “Oh, God, I just asked for a science project, not for a smart, handsome and humorous guy looking at me so closely.”

But what he actually said was:

“You are thinking: this guy is crazy, but I like him.”

He leaned toward me. When I entered that house, I knew I would leave with an incredible science project. I just didn’t know I’d gain an incredible kiss as well.

Paula Ottoni

Also published in Capricho magazine, number 1099, in June 2010.

See the illustrated page clicking HERE.*

*The text was published with the author’s real name.

Copyright © Paula Ottoni, 2017.